Securing your small business - helpful links

In a seminar on securing your small business I discussed quite a few security-related products that are helpful. If you have any questions on these items, or would like help implementing them in your business please feel free to contact us!

Securing your network with port scanning

If you have services listening for connections on the Internet bad guys will keep trying to use those to break into your network. Having as few services as possible open to the outside world is always the best practice!

  • Shields Up by GRC is a great way to scan your network to see what it looks like from the Internet. If your server is not hosting a service (such as email or a web site) then you should have no ports open when running this scan.

Password security

Passwords are frustrating, but are usually the first step in good security. You wouldn't put a cheap lock on your business front door, so why have a simple password, or share the same password with multiple sites?

  • Last Pass is a great utility that can be installed on your machine and auto-fill passwords in your browser. It will encrypt your passwords, so make SURE to remember your Last Pass password when using this utility! For $12 per year you can also have your password list on your mobile devices.
  • Keepass is an open-source (free) password manager if you would rather have control of your passwords yourself. The data is stored on your local machine and is securly encrypted.

Email security

Email has quickly become the most efficient communication used in business today. Because of this, email security should be a high priority for your business.

  • MXToolBox is a good service that will check your email domain to make sure it is not on any blacklists.
  • If you would prefer to have your domain scanned at regular intervals, contact us to learn how we can automate this task for you!

Data Encryption

Encrypting your data is critical for any information that may be mobile, including: laptops, USB drives, backup media.

  • Bittorrent is built into Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 8. It is great for encrypting whole drives.
  • Axcrypt is an open-source software that ecnrypts individual files.

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